Thoughts on Art, Curating, Space, and Time

Time is singular. Space is plural.

Art is idiosyncratic. Curating is heterogeneous.

Time is sequential. Space is omnidirectional.

Art is iterative. Curating is divergent.

Time occurs. Space is formed.

Art conceives. Curating is administered.

Time marches on. Space is transitory.

Art is sequential. Curating is fluid.

Time erodes. Space regenerates.

Art organises. Curating interrelates.

Time is eternal. Space is ever-changing.

Art is enduring. Curating is transient.

Curating places art in space.

Curating places art in time.

Exhibitions place artists and curators in space.

Exhibitions place artists and curators in time.

To exhibit is to make public.

Exhibitions form publics.

Constellations of similar publics reoccur

Over space

Over time